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Shanghai's box volume beats Singapore, Shenzhen declines in December (HK Shipping Gazette)
CHINA's second busiest mainland port of Shenzhen has seen a two per cent decline in its container volumes in December at 1.89 million TEU, with a full year modest increase of 1.64 per cent to 22.94 million TEU.
Cargo volume for the year was up at 2.16 per cent to 228 million tonnes with December showing a decrease of 1.8 per cent to 19.49 million tonnes, according to Shenzhen Ports Association statement.
Shenzhen's Chiwan container terminal dropped by 4.3 per cent to 3.95 million TEU during 2012 due to a decline in its exports which are mainly to Europe, cited a report from South China Morning Post (SCMP).
This was compared to the mainland's third busiest port of Ningbo with a forecast uplift of 11.2 per cent to 16.83 million TEU and cargo volume of 443.25 million tonnes to 15.3 per cent for 2012.